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The War. 

Always the war.

Tony and the Beetles tells the story of a young boy's last day on the planet he calls home.  Originally published in 1953, this classic public-domain story by science fiction author Philip K. Dick (Ubik, Man in the High Castle) has been adapted in to a graphic novel by cartoonist Jason Payne (Princezz, Pizza Fright.)

What's Inside

  • 36 page comic story
  •  Full color front and back cover art
  • Introduction providing the historical context behind the story
  • Creator bio page with adaptation notes

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorDejah Payne
TagsCute, insects, Sci-fi, social-commentary, War


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Great comic! I haven’t read the short story this is based off of, but you did a wonderful job telling the story.

Thank you! <3


I want to be friends with some Betelgeuse! 

What a great piece. I'm sad. It affected me. Thank you.  

You're welcome! And thank you for reading.




Really enjoyed this adaptation. Compared to the original story, I would say this worked exceptionally well. Will look at more of your work and look forward to what else may come!

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it!


That cover art looks sick! 



Can't go wrong with Philip K. Dick!